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The 4 Biggest Types of Bonuses in Online Slot Gambling

One of the most important parts of playing on online slot gambling sites is a bonus. Anyone can get a bonus if you already understand the terms and procedures for getting it. This time, we will explain to all of you what types of bonuses are and how to get them. Firstly you need to find a trusted online casino website. We suggest that you log into a website such as bandarqq online and then get a lot of bonuses.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are given to players as a token of appreciation for joining friends to online gambling sites. There is only one condition, players only need to fill in the balance once without having to pay a lot of money. The slot site will also not take commissions from the money you put into your account. Usually, the most deposit bonus you can get is IDR 2 million. That is why to maximize the deposit bonus, players usually fill in the balance in the amount of millions of rupiah so that you can become rich first. Playing just once can immediately make friends rich without starting to play.

Cashback Bonus

The next bonus on the slot site is cashback. Cashback is a bonus that depends on the nominal amount of money you put into the slot site. The more money you use to play, the greater the commission that goes into the players’ balance. Cashback is not too big and ranges from around 5% to 10% of the amount.

But this is more than enough to give players their money back every single time that they bet. Cashback bonuses will directly be sent into your account. Take for example you have a cashback bonus of $10. Then the total cashback is around $1. 

Event Bonus

Our most recent bonus today is a bonus event. The event bonus is a bonus that comes only suddenly. Every time there is an event, the event bonus will appear. The event bonus is valid only once a week or every month. The balance that you can get is many times up to 10% or 20%. That is the bonus that friends get on slot gambling sites. See you and hopefully friends can continue to benefit. Don’t forget these three types of bonuses so you can get additional balance to play real slot gambling.

Referral Bonuses

Referrer will be given bonuses every single time they do a deposit. Say for example you have a sum of around  $100 deposited. The referrer will gain 10 % of this deposit and that both of you will get bonuses. This is a very beneficial bonus to keep in mind. Especially if you are able to get lots of money without risking any on the line. That is why in this article today, we will help you get more money. Use all of these ways to get bonuses for additional income.

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